What are celebrities doing during the COVID-19 self-isolation?


Today, there are almost two million cases confirmed world-wide and who know how many more are out there that have not been tested. This is why it is so important to stay at home and isolated, no matter what. Many countries have declared a state of emergency to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Many companies have stopped working completely, TV shows have been paused, the production of movies has been delayed for months and so on. In other words, Hollywood and its celebrities are left without any work which means all they have to do is stay at home.

But, what does this mean for the famous stars who have always been the center of attention? Well, they have found peace with the fact that they need to self-isolate and they even try to do a little bit of good for the world. So, if you are bored at home and you want to know what other people are doing around the world, here is what some celebrities are currently doing.

Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner team up


Amy Adams is considered to be one of the most famous and the highest-paid actress in the entire world. She is most famous for her roles in “American Hustle”, “Arrival”, “Sharp Objects” and many more. Jennifer Garner is also quite a famous actress in the world of Hollywood and you can probably recognize her from the roles in “Peppermint”, “Love, Simon”, “Alias”, etc.

Both Jennifer and Amy have teamed up and decided to start reading books live on Instagram and Famous. They believe they can help children stay educated and provide them with a little bit of fun even in these darker times. They are the ones who started the @savewithstories trend and now you can find many other celebrities who are reading books or stories online.

Miley Cyrus and her podcast

If you really don’t have anything going for you during the COVID-19 pandemic because you have watched through every single TV show on Hulu and Netflix, you can check out Miley’s podcast.  On “Bright Minded: Live With Miley”, Cyrus opens about any subject she wants. Miley talks a lot about positivity and staying happy during this period because that is what will get us through the virus. You will also see the appearance of many other celebrities during the podcast.

Ryan Reynolds provides free unlimited data

If you didn’t know this, Ryan is the owner of Mint Mobile since 2019. Ryan realized just how important communication is during the self-isolation period which is why he decided to provide people with completely free unlimited cell phone data. So, if you find yourself spending too much internet on TV shows and movies, maybe you should consider Ryan Reynolds’ offer.

If you are interested in what some other celebrities are doing during the COVID-10 quarantine, you should check out this.


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