Ways To Prevent The Spread Of The Coronavirus

Ways To Prevent The Spread Of The Coronavirus

You are probably well aware of just how serious the situation has become regarding the coronavirus around the globe. Today, there are more than 800,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and only less than 200,000 have recovered. To fight against this pandemic, all of us have to work together as a community and do everything in our power to prevent spreading the virus.

The World Health Organization has released several protective measures against the coronavirus and we need to follow them. Here are some of them:

Wash your hands

This might be the single most important thing humans can do to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. You are probably well aware that the people who are infected with the virus suffer from a cough. This coughing can launch viral particles into the air and they can stick to almost any surface. Whether it is the ground, the handlebars on the bus or even at work on your desk. You have to be constantly aware of your surroundings and what you touch because those particles can stay alive for hours and sometimes even days, depending on the environment.

This is why it is so important to ensure that your hands are always clean. Everything around you might be contaminated. Of course, touching contaminated objects will not get you infected, but touching your face (mouth, eyes, ears or nose) will make the viral particles enter your body which will get you infected.

So, if you can’t stay isolated at home and you must go to work then make sure you always keep your hands clean. Regular soap is enough to kill the virus, but make sure you carefully scrub every nook and cranny of your for at least 20 seconds.

Naturally, you won’t have access to a sink everywhere you go which is why you should carry at least one hand sanitizer in your pocket.


Stay at home

This is also a very important step in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We understand that you probably have to go to work because you need to sustain yourself or your family. However, a lot of cities and countries force companies to compensate for the workers that need to stay isolated or quarantined at home.

So, if you can, please try to stay at home as much as you can. Reduce your interactions with people if you want to keep yourself, your family and everyone else safe. The fewer people that are infected, the easier will it be for hospitals to handle their patients. This way, we will see a huge jump in recovered cases and a drop in new cases.

Disinfect your phone

While you are out and about, you are probably constantly in contact with your phone. Whether you are texting, calling or even playing games, the phone too can get contaminated. You come home and quickly wash your hands, but the phone may still carry particles of the coronavirus. This is why it is important to disinfect your phone before you wash your hands and every other object that you carry with you such as your keys, wallet, etc.

Don’t panic

While the situation is definitely serious, it is not the end of the world. The more organized we are, the faster we will recover from the coronavirus. You should stock up with food, toilet paper, and other supplies at home to reduce your visits to the store, but you shouldn’t buy everything from the stalls, leaving nothing for the others. Stay calm, stock up on enough supplies to last you for a few days and in a few months, this will all be over.

We hope that this little guide will help you stay safe during the pandemic.

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