The 4 best video games to play during self-isolation

During this pandemic while we still do not have a vaccine for the coronavirus disease, the only way to prevent it from spreading is to be aware of our hygiene, practice social distancing and self-isolate at home. Most of us either have to stay at home or at least work shortened shifts. If you do not want to go crazy from boredom during the self-isolation period, you should consider playing some games.

However, if you have played through most of the recent releases on the console or PC platform then you will probably require a bit of motivation to help you find the perfect here. Fortunately for you, we have made this list of what we think are the perfect picks for self-isolation.


If you are a lover of platforming games then Cuphead should definitely be your first pick. Keep in mind that Cuphead is one of the more difficult games we have played and many like to compare it with Dark Souls’ difficulty. So, if you are ready for a challenge, get to downloading.


We picked this one because it is a great representation of the cartoon style that was dominant during the 1920s and the 1930s. All of the art and animation was handmade which is what makes this video game so unique. Even though the animations were done by hand, they are still pretty sleek and look very smooth. The maps are wonderful and the gameplay is both satisfying and challenging. If you decide to download Cuphead, we recommend that you use a controller. Just make sure you don’t smash it after you lose a hundred times.


If you are not in the mood for something so difficult then you will probably need something relaxing and easy. And what’s more relaxing than surviving, progressing and building your own home in Minecraft. It might be hard to get used to the pixelated graphics and the blocky world, but once you get the hang of it, you will be having tons of fun. And the best thing about this sandbox video game is that it is never-ending.


The maps that are generated are almost infinite which means you will be able to explore it for days or even weeks. If there ever was a video game that you could play for the rest of your life, it would definitely be Minecraft because every world is different in its own way.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

If you are into shooter games then why not try Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is one of the most legendary FPS games in the world and for a good reason. It’s easy to run on your computer, it’s consistent, it’s fun, and it is completely free. Keep in mind, there are a lot of cheaters in the free version of CSGO, but for $12 or sometimes less (Steam sales), you can make your account Prime which means you will be queued against enemies with that same status.


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim has to be one of the most played RPG games in the world. It is backed by tons of lore from the past games such as Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion. You can create your own character, choose its race and create your own and unique playstyle. The map is masterfully designed and the quests are immensely fun. So, if you really don’t know what you should be doing during self-isolation, slaying dragons should definitely be on your checklist.

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