The 3 Pandemic Movies That Will Give You the Chills During Self-Isolation

Watching movies that will give you the chills during self-isolation might be something that will put off a lot of people. The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing a lot of people to stay in self-isolation. But there isn’t anything more boring than having to stay indoors all the time.

Unfortunately for us, this has been our situation for more than a month now. The country that has it worst is the United States, with almost 600,000 recorded cases. This is nearly a third of the total number of recorded cases, which will soon surpass two million. The government has called to stay indoors to keep yourself safe as well as others around you.

And to help you do just that, we figured we’d give you a list of the 3 pandemic movies to watch. Not only are these great, but they’re also relatable. The list will include a few that might be hard to watch, so we suggest you watch the trailer before doing so. We also have an article about the best TV shows to binge during self-isolation, and you can find that HERE.

So, without wasting too much time, let’s start.


Outbreak is a movie starring Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, and Morgan Freeman as the main role. In Outbreak, a virus has spread throughout a small town in California that has been transmitted by an African monkey. Tasked with containing the airborne viruses is a contagious disease expert (Dustin Hoffman) along with his ex-wife (Rene Russo). The pandemic starts when the monkey is being throughout to an animal testing laboratory in the town. There, the monkey scratches a worker at the laboratory, causing the virus to spread throughout the town.

Both experts are asked to solve the issue, find a cure, while also running out of time. Making matters worse, Daniels (Dustin Hoffman) finds out that the army plans on containing the virus by bombing the infected areas. Outbreak is an amazing and tense thriller that will have you biting your nails from anxiety and we highly recommend it.


Contagion is a drama thriller that seems all too real given our current situation. It is one of those movies will give you the chills while watching it in self-isolation as it is a very realistic representation of how a pandemic can cause mayhem and chaos. In Contagion, the virus is transmitted after Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns from a business trip in Hong Kong. She instantly feels unwell but attributes her situation due to jetlag, which is quite common after long air trips.

However, a few days pass and Beth isn’t recovering. Quite the opposite, she dies and the doctors have no idea what to attribute the cause of death. Saddened by this event, her husband Mitch (Matt Damond) returns from the hospital only to find out that his stepson has also mysteriously died.  Soon, a lot more people experience the same effects as Beth, which includes the lead doctor tasked to finding the cause for the deadly disease.

A lot of cities are then put into lockdown, which causes looting, robberies, and murder to happen. Back at the CDC, the lead virologist concludes that the virus comes from bats, the same as the current Coronavirus. We won’t spoil too much as we highly recommend you watching Contagion.

28 Days Later

If you haven’t watched 28 Days Later, then this one is quite possibly the most frightening one out of all. The movie stars Cillian Murphy, Naomi Harris and Christopher Eccleston in the main roles. 28 Days Later begins when a monkey is being freed from a testing laboratory in London. The rescuers are animal rights activists but they have no idea that the monkey is carrying a lethal “Rage” virus. The monkey attacks the activists causing one of them to turn into a zombie. One leads to another and the entire city of London is abandoned when Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up from a month in a coma.

Not knowing what is going on, Jim wanders the streets of London and stumbles upon cash thrown on the ground. The cash is useless since the virus has destroyed society, but Jim isn’t aware of this. He then enters a church in hopes of finding answers as to what is happening. But the church is full of zombies that instantly chase him once they notice him. In the same scene, Jim meets a group of survivors.

Again, we won’t spoil too much of the movie for you and we highly recommend you watch 28 Days Later. This is yet another on the list of movies that will bring chills during self-isolation.

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