Netflix Released the Trailer for Stranger Things Season 3

The extremely popular Netflix original show Stranger Things is back this summer with season 3 scheduled to air on the 4th of July this year!

We weren’t given much before, with only a minute and a half advert on the new Starcout Mall, and a release with all the names of the new season 3 episodes.  Amongst the teaser trailers before we saw footage of rats running across an abandoned warehouse. And if we take into consideration that two of the episodes are labeled “The Mall Rats”, and the finale “The Battle of Starcourt”, we can come to the conclusion that rats and malls will get huge screen time this summer.

The 80’s style mystery Netflix original show returns this 4th of July, and millions of Americans can celebrate the date with their favorite show.

But What Does The Trailer Tell Us?

Netflix Released the Trailer for Stranger Things Season 3
Source: E!

The trailer doesn’t show us much in all fairness. But that’s nothing against the show as they don’t want to give out too much information.

The trailer starts with Dustin and later we see that Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang try to pull a prank on him for his birthday. One thing that is different from the previous two seasons is that the gang is all grown up now. They’re not kids, as quoted from the trailer by Mike.

However, the trailer stars pretty normally. We see Hawkins, Indiana, trying to recover from the entire trauma it received after the ending of season two and things look quite normal.

From there, you can say that things go down south pretty fast. We see glimpses of the possible antagonists; a government hitman with a silenced firearm, alien grunts with gas masks, we see Eleven more than once struggling to cope with the upside down, and the monster at the end.

As we said, the trailer doesn’t tell much, so it’s up to us to sit back and carefully wait with anticipation until Stranger Thins Season 3 premiers on the 4th of July.


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