Yes ladies and gentlemen for the first time ever, we have an all English final in both European competitions. Liverpool managed to complete a miraculous comeback while Spurs had only 45 minutes to do it. On Thursday night, both Arsenal and Chelsea managed to beat Valencia and Eintracht Frankfurt respectably to find themselves in the Europa League Final.

Let’s start with Liverpool

After being 3-0 down the first leg in the Camp Nou, not many gave Liverpool a chance, and even few believed they could. The best player in the world, Messi, scored two of the three goals that Barcelona believed were enough to get them over the line.

But as football is full of cliché’s, they weren’t expecting the Anfield crowd. And they weren’t prepared eighter. Ernesto Valverde set up his team exactly as he did in the first leg. He made no chances and that was a mistake because Liverpool was dominant in the first leg.

The 3-0 score from the first leg was not a true reflection of the match, and Valverde set up his team to play with fire. The entire Anfield crowd needed Luis Suarez to start the match and of all people, he did. This boos and hisses fired up the Anfield faithful and that carried the team further. They even had a chance in the opening seconds of the game. But the first real piece of joy came in the 7th minute after a deflected shot from captain Henderson landed at Origi’s feat after a save from Ter Stegen. The stadium went wild.

All that Barcelona could do is argue and fight with the Liverpool players. Luis Suarez even deliberately injured Andy Robertson, and Jordan Henderson even had to play through the pain barrier at half time.

The second goal came from Andy’s substitution, Georginio Wijnaldum. Two quickfire goals from him in the 54th and 56th minute meant that Liverpool was now even! After only 56 minutes of play, they scored 3 goals against Barcelona to level to tie. And they weren’t stopping eighter.

For the fourth goal, we can only say one thing – Trent Alexander Arnold. What a player, what a Scouser, what a future captain for the club. At only 20 years of age to have the audacity to pull out a move like that. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like that.

While taking a corner, Trent noticed that the Barcelona players weren’t paying attention (they are 3-0 down and they absolutely don’t care). So he took a quick corner, the ball was moving on the ground and managed to land to Divock Origi’s feet who he slotted right in the top corner. Scenes erupted, limbs were flying, people weren’t even sure that the goal should have stood. After a bright moment and all eyes on the referee, the goal stood and Anfield went crazy! Final score, Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0.

Is this Liverpool vs Barcelona match the best comeback in Champions League history? Are Barcelona the biggest bottlers in the competition, after having lost the same way to Roma the previous year? Questions need to be asked from this Barcelona team and their manager, whose job is on the line right now.


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