Is Using Steroids Really A Smart Decision?

A lot of people that regularly go to the gym are probably already introduced to steroids, or at least know what they are. The thing about them is that they can easily make you think about all of the benefits that you get to enjoy from using them, without actually thinking enough about the possible consequences.

The saddest part is that young trainees start using them without even having the basic required knowledge about what they’re putting their bodies through by consuming steroids. That’s why we decided to make an article that will hopefully raise the awareness of someone that’s considering starting a steroid cycle.

Why Do People Use Steroids In The First Place?

It’s either that some people are training long enough without seeing the wanted results, or it’s people that just want to start training and get the bodies of their dreams in just a couple of months.

Either way, hopping on a steroid cycle is extremely dangerous if you don’t really know what you’re doing. It is way, way more complicated than just putting a needle in your body and injecting a “magic ingredient” that will make you shredded like a Greek god. And even then, people don’t really realize that steroids are not a magic wand and you still need to work extremely hard in order to get the results that you have imagined in your mind.

Think of it this way, there are so many professional athletes that died from steroid usage, and they had the biggest professionals behind them, taking care of their health and testing their blood at least once a week.

So, who exactly do you have behind you? Our point is that even with the most skilled doctor that specializes in steroids, they are still a very dangerous thing. And even if you don’t end up dying, you can completely mess up your health by using them.

For example, if you inject testosterone, your testicles will stop producing it. Which means that you will never be fertile again. So, imagine young trainees at the age of 20-25 starting steroid cycles, when the time comes to leave a heritage on this Earth, they won’t be able to.

Just because of injecting testosterone you will not be able to have a family, which will also reduce the chances you find a partner as well. Not the mention the other ugly side effects such as big amount of acne on your back and the well-known “Roid Rage”.

Although professional athletes really need to use steroids if they want to compete on the top with the others, we really do not recommend them for anyone that just wants to look good for the beach.

Putting your life at risk just to be able to gain some more muscle mass is simply not worth it. If you’re someone that basically makes a living from fitness and that’s the only thing you do, it is acceptable to some point that you start using steroids with extreme caution from doctors and other health professionals. For all of you other trainees that just want some nice looking bodies, it is perfectly achievable by taking the natural path.

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