How to Run Your Small Business During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Weeks have passed since we’ve been in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. However, it’s the small business owners that are suffering the most during this time.

It has become literary impossible for small businesses to run because of the lockdown. So what are your options as a small business owner? Do you completely shut down and wait for it all to blow away? Do yous till pay your staff despite registering zero income? In this article, we are going to explore what your options are and how to run your business during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Make Changes to Your Website

If you happened to own a website, then a smart thing would be to make a few changes to it. This could be anything from media updates to bigger ones such as a complete redesign. You’d be surprised how good a fresh approach would be to your audiences once the lockdown is lifted.

But in the meantime, it’s important to keep in mind that these changes could impact how users find you on Google. It isn’t a surprise that Google values adaptive designs. What this means is that your website must be desktop and mobile-friendly. The latter is especially important as more than 60% of all Google searches in 2019 have come from mobile users. Furthermore, for better ranking chances, make sure that you’re using the propper HTTPS protocol. This not only makes your website safer, but it puts you in a good spot with Google.

If your business doesn’t have a website, then it’s maybe time that you create one. This is especially important if we take into consideration that digitalization offers a business a chance to reach the global market. Nearly half of all American small businesses don’t own a website. Those that do can effectively market themselves on the Internet.

How to Run Your Small Business During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Focus on Marketing

Given that you have so much time on your hands, it might be time to start focusing more on the marketing aspect of your business. If you feel as your business could be marketed better, then perhaps this is the time to do it.

If you’re currently unsatisfied with some of your promotional items, then this is the time to do some changes. It’s not like you can open your business during the coronavirus lockdown, so that gives you valuable time to look at these options. You can even start a whole tutorial and learn a software or two about it. This will come especially handy when the lockdown is lifted.

Plan A New Product, Feature or Service

It’s always smart to think ahead when you have the time to do it. If you felt short on time before the Coronavirus lockdown, then your business can benefit a lot if you brainstorm something new. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a product, and it can be anything related to your business that will sell. There is one thing that we suggest you implement and that’s anything related to the online world. For example, if people cannot come to the store to purchase their favorite products, why not bring the product to their doorstep through eCommerce?

The sky is the limit when you have the time on your hands, and all you have to do is use it wisely.

We understand that it can be hard to run your small business during the Coronavirus lockdown. However, this gives you precious time to focus on how to improve your business. In the meantime, use all the help the government gives you and hopefully that won’t put you out of business.

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