Gunman Killed 16 in the Deadliest Ever Mass Shooting in Canada

Yester, a gunman named Gabriel Wortman killed 16 people in the province of Nova Scotia.

Local authorities have reported this to be the deadliest ever mass shooting in Canada. The 51-year old Gabriel Wortman carried out the crime disguised as a police officer. Furthermore, the killer had also disguised his vehicle to resemble that of the local police department.

Gunman Killed 16 in the DeadliestEver Mass Shooting in Canada
51-year old Gabriel Wortman responsible for the death of 16 people. Credit:

Gabriel Wortman managed to go on a 12-hour rampage that took the lives of 16 Canadians. The shootings took place across numerous locations, all across the town or Portapique. Authorities say that most of the victims were unknown to the shooter.

Local authorities also state that the gunman managed to enter people’s homes and even set them on fire. Towards the end of the rampage, Wortman was captured by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at a gas station in the town. Reports emerged that Wortman committed suicide by cop, although these claims are not confirmed as of yet. The autopsy found multiple gun wounds in the killer’s body, and even an officer confirmed having a gun exchange with the killer.

There hasn’t been an established motive form the police at this moment in time, with the chief of the RCMP launching a full investigation. The chief of RCMP has disclosed the attack being of terrorist nature.

Speaking with the news, RMCP chief Chris Leather states that a possible link with the recent closure of businesses could be a motive for the killer.

In the confrontation, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Heidi Stevenson was killed by the gunman. The married mother-of-two was a veteran with the department and lost her life on the day. Another officer was injured but in no serious danger.

Speaking with the media, the chief of police had this to say:

“In excess of 10 people have been killed,” chief Leather said.

“We believe it to be one person who is responsible for all the killings and that he alone moved across the northern part of the province and committed what appears to be several homicides.”

Answering the question regarding Wortman’s police uniform and car, chief Leather stated that the crime doesn’t appear to be a random one, but a planned one.

In a Facebook post, Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergman had this to say:

“Heidi answered the call of duty and lost her life while protecting those she served,”

Brian Saueve, the president of the National Police Federation said: “Our hearts are heavy with grief and sadness today as we have lost one of our own.”

Stephen McNeil, the premier of Nova Scotia described the event as the deadliest in the provinces’ history.

The shooting began late into Saturday night and continued towards Sunday morning.

Speaking about the shooting, Canadian Primer Minister Justin Trudeau said:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau                                                  source:

My heart goes out to everyone affected in what is a terrible situation”.

This is the second deadliest event in Canada’s history, after a plane from Air India was gunned blown down over the Atlantic in 1985 killed 268 people. The deadliest shooting prior to this event was in 1989 when 14 women were killed in Montreal.

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